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The ultra chic Coffee Shop at Agritopia

September 12, 2010

Twinks with our "cousin"

Twinks with our "cousin" Arthur

Are people with dogs more popular?  Yes.  I am thinking Yes, they are.

Our house was in a little disarray on Saturday Morning so I did not feel like cooking our semi-usual Saturday Pancakes. With relative ease, I convinced Husband to take us to the coffee shop for breakfast.

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop

We loaded up our darlings into the best car we have ever owned, our Honda Minivan.  (Husband says they are so comfortable and convenient, he doesn’t know why we did not drive one before kids.  Remember?  I warned you we are in the Bike Path of life.  No where near the fast lane.)

Have you been to the Coffee Shop?  It’s a renovated old gray brick building located on what used to be the Johnson’s farm.  Windows all around reveal pretty flowers, cactus and a path that leads to Joe’s Farm Fresh next Door.   They play coffee house rock music at just the right volume.  And if you care to be associated with the hip crowd, the gorgeous proprietors were recently aired on The Food Network.  Oh, they won some cupcake cook off or something… but I digress.  They make all kinds of yummy breakfast foods, many starring chorizo sausage.   I love their San Diego omelet, (no chorizo in that but still, delicious).  And their quiche is just lovely.  Our friend K endorses the banana cream pie as one of the best she has ever tasted.

Unfortunately,  however, they do not serve pancakes.

So, we took the short meandering path thru the flowers and cotton plants to Joe’s.  While I ordered and set the kids up outside at a pic nic table under a huge grapefruit tree,  Husband wandered over and bought me a  scrambled egg and cheddar chorizo burrito at Coffee Shop. (Jealous much? He does laundry too.)

We had the best time letting the kids run around and play under the shade of the trees.  They met all kinds of hip people with dogs.  Friendly.  Also, I did not know there were soo many beautiful people in Gilbert.  There are.  And well dressed too.  It’s like a Banana Republic ad meets Nat Nast.  (If you are thinking of stopping by, don’t worry about being too casual.  Just as many people wear their cycling or walking clothes over.)

The atmosphere is the perfect blend of retro and farmy and modern.  Love at first sight.  If you have not been, you must soon.  Seasonally, they have a farmer’s market out front.   Drive around Agritopia to look at the cute houses too.  Are you a dog owner?  The dog park is just a hop skip and a jump away. When it cools down, we will take our kids around there to oooh and ahh at the dogs.  (Heaven forbid we buy our own four legged furry friend.)

If you breathe deep you can smell the alfalfa fields nearby.

Ahhhh Gilbert how I love you so….

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