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That ain’t no Bull

September 14, 2010


Are ya’ll from around here?  Then you have probably heard the old commercial (is it still on?) where Mr. Tex Earnhardt sits atop a “bull” and invites you to come on down and buy a car off of one of his lots.  He tells you about the great deal you can get and then he says,

“And that ain’t no Bull!”

Now, do you really get it?  Do you?

It’s a double entendre.  You see,  Mr. Tex is sitting atop a steer, not a bull.  (steer = castrated bull)

I am afraid that this generation might not get the humor in it.

( Before you find me a little too self righteous, please note that I discovered that Husband had not been schooled on this important detail ever before in his whole life.  Imagine my delight when I could laugh and laugh at him as if I was sooooo smart. ) It was several months ago and I still can’t smiling when I think about it.  (I am a know it all and Husband hates to be wrong.  Winning combo.)

As long as we are discussing Tex….

My grandpa, Bennie, only bought Ford trucks, and he only bought them from Tex.

Grandpa was known as a bit of a grouch sometimes,  (He had been a Master Sargent in the Army and I am sure he had his reasons.)

Anyway, he had friends, and I suppose he considered Tex one of them.  My Daddy says Grandpa would pull up to the dealership in his old truck.  He would not get out to work with anyone until Tex came out.  Eventually Tex would come out with a big smile and say, “Bennie, ya old son of a biscuit !”  Grandpa would grin right back and get out and buy himself a truck.

Tex is a bit of a local legend.  You ought to read a little about his story if you get a chance.

If you read this tid bit, you will learn that Tex has a son named “Jim Babe”.  Now before you laugh out loud, you must know that I had a grandmother named “Babe”.  (She was truly the salt of the earth.)

Names like that make me nostalgic for the past…

When Gilbert was a small farming town filled with good ol’boys and their tractors driving down the road.  ( I am still quite youngish but I have an old soul.)

My Daddy has taught me a lot about this farm/boom town and I want to share it with you.

Gilbert gal reporting live from my ancient desktop in suburbia.

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