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Lurky parents: for shame

September 10, 2013


Well, I notice it’s only been a few years since I last posted so I will pick up now and pretend I never lost interest.  I will also pretend that you, my once devoted readership of 7, also did not lose interest.  Carry on then right?

Here’s the anecdote:

Within a week of the new Fall 2013 school year starting, Andrew and I became aware that we maybe did not need to pick up the twins after school.  One of the moms at church had mentioned in passing that 1st graders could walk or ride their bikes the short distance home.

Hmmmm…. interesting.

This was a liberating but also scary idea.  I would have more “free time”, the twins would have more “freedom”.

The girls kept pushing it so we agreed to let them try.  We made no long term promises.   “Fine- today, you can ride your bikes.”

I casually followed them in the van for most of the distance on my way to take Charlie to pre-school.  Andrew also followed them on his bike, hanging back about half a block.  He watched them park their cute little pink Schwinn cruisers in the bike rack and walk safely thru the school gates.

After school, I met them half way-I walked behind as they rode home together.

We kept up this same routine for another day but commenced the third morning with some new grumbles from the girls.

“Mom, go on…. take Charlie to school.”  “Dad, please don’t follow us-we’re okay”,  and other “encouragement” meant to direct us to get lost and leave them to it.

I understood and truly meant to respect their wishes…but alas, their request was soon forgotten.  As afternoon approached I began walking towards the school until our paths crossed.

Annabelle ignored me but the instant Addy caught site of me, her face fell.

She pulled her bike over and gave me a masterfully executed, furrowed brow, mad/confused look.  She then questioned me in earnest.

“Mom,*exasperated sigh….  how long is this going to continue?”,  like I had a drug addiction or something.

Her words echoed in my mind, “MOM, How long is this going to continue?”

“Mom?”  “It’s okay:  We’re okay.”

Sheesh, that hurt.  But it was funny… I only wish I could get her to say it again the same way so I could video it for posterity.



Addy on bike 1st grade age 6

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  1. September 11, 2013 12:03 am

    I love this story- and I Love how you write. Write on! And kisses to my favorite girl twins 😉 so funny!!

    • September 11, 2013 2:33 am

      Thanks Mar. I am surprised you saw this. I hope all is well. Hey, I think you are right, the twins are looking more and more alike. That is a pic. of Addy but I am pretty sure I could mistake her for Annabelle in this one. Kisses to Ms. E as well!

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